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So far so good!

Hi! Thought I’d throw my recent experience in to the mix here.

I too have just bought (3 months ago) a smart trainer, a Wahoo Kickr Core to be specific, and am starting my 11th week of Zwifts “Build me up” training plan.

It has definitely got progressively harder, however I have also got progressively stronger.

I was coming out of a few lazy months, I won’t bore you with the details of why that is, but I was not in peak fitness at the start.

I have hugely reduced my outdoor training during theses last 10 weeks, and decided to give Zwift the chance to Build Me Up…so to speak.

I have also done the same ride outside once a week to assess improvements.

The result….I couldn’t be happier!! I’ve got faster and more powerful, almost getting to a point where I feel stronger on the bike than ever before.

I had brief look at other programs when I first got my trainer, and couldn’t handle to cheesy “office worker trying to catch a few hours to ride between making the big bucks” vibe of the Sufferfest videos.

I’ve heard many people don’t enjoy the Zwift set up either, but I find if I throw on a playlist and push my ass off I can be dripping with sweat and gasping for breath on a lot of the programs prescribed.

In summary, my personal experience of the Build Me Up program in Zwift has been awesome. I love targeted training with specific number to have to hit, and I certainly got that from the combo of Zwift and the Wahoo Kickr.

Hope my view and experience of the program helps.

Ride On! (Haha, sorry. Couldn’t help it.)
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