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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
Thin lubes 9and wax based ones) don't seem to last long compared to grease types. If wax was better then be sure that is what Shimano would have used from the get go. Whatever lube is used one should keep up with periodic servicing (lubing or cleaning if neglected for too long) of the shift pods. Andy
I totally agree that grease is a better, long lasting lubricant. The problem is I donít think itís possible to apply grease to the pivots of an assembled shifter. The guy in the video slathers it onto a few external point on the mechanism. It just look like an invitation to attract dirt. Plus grease on the face of a non moving part does no good. Itíd be better to just apply a dab of grease to the pivots and sliding surfaces, but not sure if thatís possible on an assembled shifter.
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