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Kept it Z2 out and back mostly. A couple of 8 to 10min efforts on the TT bike. I negative split the efforts since they ended on a hill to go for the leaderboard. Got on leaderboard, but they're crowned by guys who put out over 350 for 10min on one, and the other an entire collegiate team pacelined it to get it. I'll take 3rd and 4th.

Wattage was pretty good considering HR ramp. Felt a bit tough on the legs, but still holding a good bit of CTL and TSB negative right now. Also hadn't had dinner yet and just a Z-bar snack.

25.5mph over 4mi and 233 feet. Not bad at a HR well below my all-out TT effort. Just too windy to full out it. Had to coast a bit as a car or two passed. Other was 26mph over 8min and 150ft in 3 miles. No TT helmet, no disc or trispoke, old school CX style skinsuit.

One revelation is that it seems my power on the TT bike being lower than trainer output in same time duration is due to the time spent soft pedaling due to on-course skills management. Like, wind hitting you, taking a fast corner at lower power, etc.... There's only so much "over" you can go to make up for the "under" and average close to the same power as going dead-constant.

So, it seems the real life TT bike work is a great idea to work on that. It may "show" less impressive power, but the skills work and workout is still really good.
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