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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
Again Bicycles are a very small percentage of the entire economy. You shouldn't use less than 1% of the entire market to argue the entire economy argument, yet here you are...... trying to do exactly that.
The points I have made about the tariffs - they are paid almost fully by US consumers, they are reducing US employment rather than increasing it, they are not causing manufacturers to relocate to the US - are true across the economy. The bicycle market is merely a good example and germane to this forum.

And your repeated posts explaining why tariffs haven't changed your bike purchase decisions are a good example of why the tariffs are simply not achieving their claimed purpose. It's a very obvious point, which you have emphasized, but you seem to not understand the implications.

The tariffs - on bikes and bike parts and on the many other commodities to which they have been applied - simply do not create jobs in the US...In fact, they are reducing employment. The tariffs are merely a tax on us - consumers in the US.
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