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Being honest, we were forced to give up our 30 year old Ford Ranger Pick Up Truck, with only our very meager SS retirement income we just couldn't afford to maintain it! Alas it died anyway, transmission failure, the steering column snapped in two and it needed engine work too!! Now we can't dream of ever affording a truck again! So I made us a home built utility trailer to haul on my 13 year old SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle, we live in a "as cheap as we could find and it's STILL TOO EXPENSIVE for our budget 1 bedroom apt. LOL, 1/2 of our living room is our "garage" were we house my bike, the wife's Terra Trike Rover X8 recumbent trike and the utility trailer!!! For us this is the BEST we can do, the next step down is living in a "carboard box" and being homeless, which is possible as the RENTS here in Colorado Springs, CO. have become INSANELY expensive!! We may be forced to find part time work but with Jo being a Type 2 diabetic with "Heart Problems" that's the best we can do as she's the only one of us with "skills". I was a laborer but due to wicked arthritis and bowel system problems just can't do "manual labor" much anymore. We get by but "just" and we hope this is as far "down the ladder" as we have to get till be pass on!!
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