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I'll add this warning to the OP - if you cross railroad tracks, be darn careful to cross at a 90 degree angle. They're slippery when wet and unforgiving. I crashed once on tracks (even following my own advice) and injured one knee, hand, and shoulder. I was miles from my start point so I managed to get back on and ride it. The first couple pedal strokes told me that the knee really didn't like what I was doing. I remember thinking "so this is what the Tour de France guys feel like after a crash" while riding back. I got to the ER the next morning after barely being able to walk. It was an interesting experience.

My second crash occurred while avoiding a car when I chose to ride onto a driveway cutout in the curb. The transition must have been higher than I thought and I went down fast and hard when the front wheel kicked out to the left. That event gave me road rash on my face, ruined a pair of eyeglasses, earned me stitches in my right eyelid, and a fractured right wrist. I grew a beard while I healed (haven't had one since college).

I still ride every chance I get.
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