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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
Outfits like Dirt Labs and Fluid Focus can do rebuilds of those. You need to ship it to them. You can check the prices on their sites, but I am guessing ~$100-$150 each depending on what you want them to do.

If cost is a consideration and you can follow instructions and have some basic wrenching skills, Rock Shox forks are very easy to work on. As long as the bushings in the lowers are not trashed (which can happen if you go years without changing the oul in the lowers) it can be rebuilt to a like new state for about $35-40 in parts. Spending another $30 will get you all the fluids and greases you will need for many years.

The rebuild for the rear shock is even easier and cheaper, but what you will do at home would just be for the air chamber. The dampers on shocks are over my head, and I send those in to a pro every few years. Much easier and cheaper to ship than a fork.
Thanks, great info - I'll pass it on to him.
He has always done his own work on his dirt bikes and prior mtbs, but his job has been keeping him real busy, and he doesn;t want to spend his free time doing more than basic maintenance at this time - preferable to spend time with son/spouse and dogs (and bike ... riding...). SO he'll prolly get them off to someone...
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