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There is something backwards inside my garmin 1030.

When I was not fit, it was telling me my VO2 Max was 73 ml/kg

Now that I am fitter, it is saying 52 ml/kg.

Also, when I have a really good workout, it tells me it was unproductive.

Maybe the battery is in backwards or something. Maybe a spider crawled inside.

One thing I don't like is running it with an external battery. It stays backlit and higher screen power.

On a very positive side, it has only crashed once in 3+ years. The Wahoos on the brevet also crashed at the same time. Shockingly, I did not lose the FIT file. On the older 810 garmin, it would sometimes crash on 400K or higher and the file would be gonzo. How long it can run depends, I think, on the number of turns and waypoints. My record on my 810 was just over 1000 miles, from Astoria to a cafe in Wyoming or Montana that had the craziest homemade egg mcmuffin thing with homemade jam. The size of the 1030 is a bit of a putoff.

Oh, I understand the 1040 is coming out very soon. Sound be some good deals.
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