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Originally Posted by girona View Post
I went with a garmin 1030+ few months ago because of the battery life.
It will easily handle 300K brevet using a HRM and a varia radar.
At the end of a 400K (21h total time) I still had 70% of battery life in energy saving mode (screen turned off until an alert comes up or the screen is tapped). I only had a HRM, no other sensors linked to it.
No experience yet on how it handles longer tracks.
Does the 1030+ have a bigger battery than the regular 1030 or are you using the supplemental battery power pack? Using only 30% of the battery capacity for 21 hours total time is astonishing.

I think I need to experiment so more to restore some of my battery life, it might be too many sensors or courses with too much info on them.
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