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Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
Yes, I use all the tricks to squeeze as much life as possible. I thought doing 22 hours riding time on a 600k using only 80% of the battery was stupendous. I guess I need to learn more.
Are you using the "Battery Save Mode"?

If you aren't, then that and the increased efficiency of the 1030+ might explain most of the difference.

Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
I disagree with you about course points and turns. When the screen is off and the Garmin is in some sort of rest state when I approach a turn or some sort of warning, the Garmin display will turn on and it will beep several times, both of which take energy. On a 400K recently, there were over 300 turns on the paper cue sheet and many other tidbits of information.
I thought you were talking about extra information for the same course.

Yes, more turns will use more power. But you can't save power by reducing turns in the course (think about it). Were the "tidbits" on the Garmin or just the paper cue sheet? How many of them were there on the Garmin?

Keep in mind that the issue are things that use significantly more power. I'm not sure if a "few extra" turns is going to be significant.

Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
Additionally, when cars approach from the rear, the unit will go out of this extended life sleep mode. I never ever use the map screen unless lost. My screen shows speed, power, distance to next turn, HR, gradient, total distance, total time, and temperature.
As far as "sensors" go, the Varia seems to be special/extreme case. Power is another special case (it might require more computations to display data).

Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
Maybe the Russian Satellites suck more power from me.
Garmin says GPS (only) uses less power.

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