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Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
Does the 1030+ have a bigger battery than the regular 1030 or are you using the supplemental battery power pack? Using only 30% of the battery capacity for 21 hours total time is astonishing.

I think I need to experiment so more to restore some of my battery life, it might be too many sensors or courses with too much info on them.
Battery save mode means the screen is turned off until the computer warns you of an upcoming turn or any other warning that you have programmed in the settings (HR warning, power warning, upcoming hazard, etc).
If you have lots of sensors linked to the unit, the battery won't last as long. Also, if you have a Varia and ride in heavy traffic, then the screen will turn on and off more frequently.
Also if you have you get a lot of notifications from your phone such as incoming messages and such. For that 400k ride I kept my phone on airplane mode.
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