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Originally Posted by clasher View Post
I bought the new colour version of the bolt after the battery on my v1 finally gave up the ghost. It was all setup to my liking in less than 10 minutes. I didn't have any crashes or problems on 2 400km+ rides so far, as some randos on the randon group were reporting, so either wahoo fixed that or it hasn't happened yet to me. Routing on the head unit itself is okay but I don't really use that kind of feature as the routes it generated aren't really where I'd want to ride if I were making my own route, and I'd rather use my phone to do this kind of thing since it's much easier to fix the route to suit my needs, and then I can just send it to head unit. The battery life is kinda weird, doesn't seem to drain at a steady rate but I carry a small lipstick sized battery to charge my phone and gps anyway so I don't really care too much about having 40+ hours of battery life. I got 12-14 hours before I recharged it on the last ride I did.

The only garmin I had no problems with was the old edge 200, that thing never missed a beat for navigation purposes. It didn't do sensors or anything else though so that probably made for a more stable system. The edge 500 I had was a piece of crap so that's when I went with a wahoo. I still hear all my garmin-using friends complaining about navigation "quirks" and being unable to load courses with more than 500 points.
I've had my fair share of Garmin issues in the past, but the 1030+ has been solid so far. The 500 point limitation is a thing of the past (my eTrex HCx Vista had this limitation, 15 years ago. Also the old forerunner 310xt watch, edges haven't had this limitation for several generations now).
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