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If you leave the route with a Wahoo and do not have a cell connection, a loaded map on the Garmin might be a worthwhile feature. Not being able to connect a wahoo to a desktop is a big miss for me. The meagre internal storage on the Wahoo is also a miss. For me, the fancy features of each are pretty meaningless although the pop up turn by turn on the Garmin is a winner for me.

My old 810 or 820 (not sure what I had) crashed a few times. I would limit it to 600k. So, one route to Brest and a separate one back to Paris. My record distance before it crashed was almost 1000 miles. It never crashed on a 300k and cannot recall it crashing on a 400k, pretty sure never. The UI was clunky. In short, I like the 1030 much, much better.
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