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Originally Posted by str View Post
donate or not, who wants to see private family albums like this one...
Perhaps their family and any folks who may want a preview of what to expect on a planned trip to Mallorca? Yes, just snapshots like mine. Not art photography like yours.

Originally Posted by str View Post
I found "Mallorca 2016" story, great it my browser what does not show more pictures, or is it right that I have to click 5 pages to see aprox 8 pictures?
On the above post you said you didn't like to see just one photo per page using Mallorca as an example. That link I provided as just a quick example of a journal of Mallorca with multiple photos per page, not suggested as a "best of" Mallorca. If you want more edited down, artsy pictures without sifting through text just use the link suggested twice above.
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