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Originally Posted by deacon mark View Post
Great Job Hubs! If I may ask how old are you and what bike and gear set up did you use. Reason I ask is I have always wanted to do a solo 100 in 5 hrs. I never actually have my best 5:18 probably 7-8 years ago and I certainly could have but never really planned it out. I simply decide to do a century and see what happens, resting days before would have helped me make it for sure. Right now at almost 60 I could see possibly still hitting 100 in 5:10 on a good day but goin under 5 solo now sounds pretty difficult.

My question would be what could person do in a group ride? I have always been a lone ranger but when I have gone with others my speed picks up considerably. I don't know your age but still no matter what impressive riding.
I'm 41, I've been cycling since late 2013. My gear is really modest, I have a base model Specialized Allez equipped with Claris and the most basic axis sport wheels. I did have a Lazer bullet aero helmet that was issued by my road club a few years ago and some tight fitting kit, but other than that nothing really aero. My pacing was just super solid, and I've been training a lot of sweet spot so the effort was easier than stuff I've been doing lately!

As far as groups, the fastest time on the course I followed was set by a few of New England's stronger riders in September 2020 and was 40mins faster than my time, so a decent group can definitely get under 5hrs.

I actually was messing around with mywindsock (it's a weather app that hooks into strava), and evidently there's an option to pick some future dates and it'll give estimates based on the forecast. I put in this coming Sunday the 20th and for the same power it's saying I could do 4:46, so I'll definitely try and plan future efforts!
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