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Originally Posted by Zas View Post
Does anyone else think the marketing departments of bike brands and component makers are too much in control of what bikes we ride at any given time? Do you all think this is the way to go? They want to sell us new bikes that are more incompatible and more expensive every few years by any means necessary.
Its a marketing department- they exist to make people want to buy the product. But they dont have control of what bikes are ridden. As you point out in detail- you ride a bike from the 80s.
All my bikes have been built from the frame, and one was also a framebuild. The last bike I purchased for myself in a shop was a 93 GT Performer when I was in 6th grade. So clearly marketing departments dont control what types of bikes I ride. 3' behind me right now is a Tange 1 road frame from '89 with 11sp 105 drivetrain. That isnt anything a marketing department made me build.

As for the compatibility complaint- dont buy bikes like that. A high end Cervelo Caledonia has an integrated cockpit, but an entry Caledonia(which is by no means entry level) has a traditional stem and handlebar. This is just a simple example- buy what works for you. The cycling market is so absurdly vast at this point that there is something for everyone.

You complain and list your own example which doesnt apply to the complaint you just made.
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