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I can ride the bike for up to an hour or so before starting to favour the flats.

A top tube length of 600mm (reach probably about 400-410mm..?) , 110mm stem, low stack (about 620mm to top of the headset cup) and bars with a drop 125mm and reach 80mm is a very aggressive riding position for me.

Im still playing around with different stems and handlebar stacks to find what works for me.. im sort of torn between the ideal stack versus reach right now.

the current reach is aggressive even at a stack which is already too high to make the most out of a race frame.

I've adjusted the bars so that they are almost parallel with the ground and brought the hoods a little lower. Feels better in the hoods, but a little awkward on the wrists in the drops? I'm planning to try a 46cm bar which should hopefully address ergonomics in the drops.

A break every 20 min would be nice, but its not necessary. I can totally handle such a position handling wise, even as I fatigue. Real long distance comfort just isn't a priority for me with such a bike?

If it was, id ultimately need to change the reach and stack in such a way which doesn't make the most of the frames handling attributes. Talking about rides which last longer than an hour at a time.

I bought a 175mm crankset with 36/46 rings to try on this bike. 36 is a nice useful ring which will stop me from always being in the largest cogs on the rear cassette, while the jump to 46t is usable and always me to actually use the smaller cassette cogs plus spin faster on most hills ill encounter. Im impressed with how well I can push 53t on this beast of a road bike, but I just don't have descents long enough for that gear to make sense, nor do I want to go that fast.
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