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Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
Hey @Moisture,

I have no comment about bars or stem angle or crank length, but let me give you a HUGE congrats on the new bike. And the progress you have made in this cycling activity/sport/hobby.

i also congratulate you on sticking with BF. The acerbic replies are uncalled for.

it is for people like you - who genuinely progress thru the ‘learning curve of cycling’ - that this Forum makes it’s greatest contribution.

Unless I’ve missed some of your posts, I would like to see more pics of where you ride. But I can wait til after Winter.

Clear your handlebars and your mind will follow….
Thank you so much man! I really appreciate the kind words.

I actually began cycling for real (without training wheels..) when I was 6 or 7 on crappy supercycles, cheap releighs (I even remember which models, supercycle vice and raleigh toro, although there were many more as they would get stolen...), I cycled quite a lot even as a child, all day long, every day through the entire summer, to school and back, etc. I continued cycling on a regular basis until 15 or 16 and took some time off until last spring (at 22 years old) when i got a northrock xc27 costco mountain bike about 4 sizes too small for me. Since that point (march, 2020, i have ridden more than 10,000km.) I bought the GT in august of 2020 and joined bike forums shortly afterwards.

I have learned so much from these forums, so I don't take offence to the rude comments. I'm not always entirely sure why I get so much hate on all the forums i've ever joined, but I don't let that stop me as long as there is something to learn and a passion to be following.

I lived in Thornhill, Ontario up until the end of october before moving to rural Penetanguishene. Feel free to check it out on maps if you are interested, but I will be sure to get you some pictures during/after winter! I specifically ride at the SCMBC trail-head. If you take a look at the mid-pen link, that is a short but very scary paved section in the forest with some dramatically steep drops and sharp turns. I bought my road bike shortly after discovering the link trail, although I was planning to get back into drop bars for a while before this.

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