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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
I may (may not) be working on an app for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

What features, "wouldn't-it-be-cool-ifs", or wishlist items can you suggest for me? The more detail the better.

What have you seen in other apps that you like?
To add a couple of years to the development time how about trying to do auto laps on the bike with the camera to detect when you cross the lines. Seems like pursuit (red cross track) would be simplest then get into the 200 and start finish. Combine with the start timer and you can get self timed reaction times and lap timings. I suspect it might need to be post processing of video images.
Also the G-force meters in the phones should allow measuring side to side rocking, pedal smoothness and G-force in corners (just how strong do those wheels need to be?). Power vs. g-force gets effectiveness of power application and a higher granularity on speed (again to the start reaction).
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