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I find that it is often good to keep concepts and ideas together.

Often a bump should have been an independent post. And, it becomes obvious that one is replying to the 2019 mini-thread, and not the 2009 thread. But, perhaps in another decade, it would all make sense to someone who snags the thread on Google looking for reference information.

A confirmation pop-up might be a good idea. "Do you really really want to do this?"

Good Bumps:
  • Continuity of Concepts. Commenting on some rare feature, or continuing a thread like "Post your bike near water".
  • Notes related to some rare item.
  • Perhaps wanting to bring previous posters back into the thread
Bad Bumps:
  • Giving advice about a long closed topic (unless it falls under the continuity of concepts above).

    Actually, that could be a point. Say I decide that I have something new to contribute, and all previous advice was incorrect. Then there might be a reason to post a "correction" for future readers without necessarily talking to the OP.
  • Asking specific questions about one's personal bike because it may be similar to a bike someone else commented on. Again, good and bad reasons to do this. But, it should be clear to all that one is bringing up new talking points.
Overall, I don't see these bumps as that big of a problem. One could limit bumps for people over 10 posts.

But, I use the WWW for reference materials, and frequently see threads pop up on Bike Forums. And, I'm always happy to get as complete of information as possible about these. Or, sometimes I might think of the benefits of expanding a topic with new information.
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