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Originally Posted by pipeliner View Post
Surprised you’re not running carbon rims. If you don’t mind a few questions, I’m setting up a bike for this winter for riding on lakes and trails.

Do you run tubeless in the winter? Which studded tires? Do you put something in the sealant to keep it liquid? Looks like you’re running mech brakes, think I can get by with shimano mineral oil brakes?
Funny enough, this is a mostly stock '15 Pugsley, I'm running stock rim most because I haven't gotten around to upgrading them and I haven't wrecked them ... but it's on my list.

I've attempted tubeless, but because Marge Lite rims are not designed for tubeless, two shops and I have failed to get tubeless to work (and done a few cold miles walking). Around here (Minneapolis), most riders are tubeless for fatbiking (winter & summer). You need tubeless ready rims & tires and a compressor or special bike pump that will allow you to dump a large amount of air quickly (this is key to getting the bead to seat).

I'm a huge fan of 45NRTH Dillinger tires. Pricey, but totally worth it. They roll great in a wide variety of conditions, great grip, long lasting, and studs are replaceable (see video below) when they wear down.

This bike is on mechanical brakes, again, stock parts. I don't have any winter bikes with hydraulic brakes, so I'm not sure about cold weather brake oil. I'd recommend a post in the Winter forum and be sure to share the low end temp you'd ride.

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