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Originally Posted by hokiefyd View Post
I just got a 2014 Pugsley (and loving it so far!) with two sets of tires: the stock 27tpi Nates and 120tpi Vee Speedsters (two tires on the opposite ends of the spectrum!). So this thread interests me to see the various tires. Hypno Toad it looks like you've put quite a few miles on the Panaracer tires (Fat B Nimble, I presume). They appear to be about as "XC" as fat tires go, and possibly a good "all round" tire. Your newer post references the 45NRTH Dillingers, but did you like the Panaracers as far as "XC" type tires go?

I have the Nates on the bike right now and they feel absolutely glued to the dirt and leaves...and I don't want to give that grip up. But man, they sure are tiresome to pedal to the trails...
I've got my stock Nates, but having used them for a long time. They have amazing traction, OTOH they are heavy and slow rolling on firm conditions.

Fat B Nimbles are GREAT for summer on firm-to-soft conditions; but they can't handle snow or deep mud or running very low pressures. I like these for the gravel endurance rides, yesterday I did 100 miles of mix conditions, including pavement, limestone trails, gravel road, MMR, and some grassy CX - averaged 14.2 mph mostly solo riding with 10-15 mph winds and temps never over freezing. My only limitations were not enough gears to hold with the group on descents over 30 mph and slower rolling on the paved segments.

Dillingers are my tire of choice for snow and ice, roll great on almost any conditions and pressure, great grip. For reference, here's a race I did a couple years ago on Lake Minnetonka ice, my only fall was in a deep drift:

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