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Best Wattage for X time vs interval wattage for X time?

So I've never really paid attention to the power curve on Strava, I mainly just scroll right past it. However, I was scoping it out the other day and noticed that my 8 minute best power for the last 6 weeks was a whopping 340 watts, so of course, rather than attempting to use the recommended 107-110% of threshold (295-305 watts) for my 8 minute intervals, I targeted 340 watts. I even used math to back-calculate that my FTP was an impressive 309 watts since the training I'd been doing has clearly been incredibly effective.

Spoiler--I maintained 337 for the first interval and then could barely hold 250 for the next two and bailed with 2 minutes left on the last interval.

So that had me thinking, what percentage of your best wattage for time are intervals typically done at? Where did the recommendation for 107-110% come from? FWIW, doing 3x8 intervals at 110% of my FTP is ******g tiring. If I had more base, would I be able to get closer to my 8 minute max on my repeated efforts?

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