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Got a nice 1 hour loop with 1500 feet of climbing various hills. I get a lot of zone 1 and a lot of zone 4-6, not much in between. Did that this morning to leave time to go to the gym this afternoon.

Gym is sidewalk workouts, so no racks. I'll have to get used to cleaning the barbell and doing front squats. Also plan to stick to dumbbell bench press for obvious reasons. It's been a couple months so I started super light today. Did a few sets of 135 lb front squats, a few extra cleans cuz I'll need the practice for heavier weight, bench press and rows with measly 50 lb dumbbells, and 185 lb romanian deadlift. Lots left in the tank. Plan to add 10-20 lbs per session as I get my strength back. It's $20 per session so I'll probably go only 2 or 3 times per week. Thinking alternate todays workout with deadlift/press/pull ups. Proabably skip a second day of quads due to cycling.
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