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Clunker 100 Challenge #8

I hereby present the Clunker Challenge 100 #8

Past iterations

2014: C&V Clunker 100 Challenge
2016: C&V Clunker Challenge 100
2017: C&V Clunker Challenge 100 #3
2018: C&V Clunker Challenge 100 #4
2019: Clunker Challenge #5
2020: Clunker 100 Challenge COVID edition #6

You have 100 days starting today, April 14, 2022, ending July 23, 2022 at 11:59pm to complete the following:

- $108USD (or local equivalent) firm budget to purchase a C&V bicycle and get it back on the road. This $108 includes initial bicycle purchase and all consumables/parts to make it go again. You may have to cut corners but this is all part of the fun. That wal-mart saddle just might have to be your hatchet if you spent all your money on new tires. Your time, tools, cleaning supplies, gas/transit to go get it and grease are free. Count them if you'd like. If you are buying new or used, record that price. If you are using something you already have and know what you paid, use that price. If you can't remember, use the fair market value of the item. If in doubt, ask. Shipping is a cost to be factored in. While anyone who wishes to participate is encouraged to follow the spirit of the game and go out and get a new bicycle, an untouched project waiting in the shed is ok, too.

- Swapping one part out for another does not cancel out the value added to the bicycle. As found = purchase price. adding items costs money unless you sell the old ones.

- If you sell a part you remove from the bike, you may add the sale price to your budget. You actually have to find a real buyer for your ****e to gain a few sheckles.

- Keep a detailed list and updated before, during and after pictures in this thread on your purchases and progress. We fiend for this sort of thing.

- A minimum of 100km or 100mi if you want to be an imperial troope ridden on your new bike. Take photos of the rebuild and of the bicycle in the places you go and post them here. Perhaps you'll have a newfound admiration for stem shifters and solid axles. Or maybe you'll hate everyone after five minutes on the bike and keep using Photobucket to share photos.

- Arbitrary style and value points. You'll get style points for both the nicest finds/builds AND the bikes that make us say "That thing actually survived 100km?". Going as cheap and crummy as possible is a badge of honour. Bonus points for using a real POS in as-found condition (flipped bars, rusted cables, saddle at a 45 degree angle, etc.) and preserving the integrity of the previous owner's ingenuity and mechanical skills.

Judging: Bribery and flattery is acceptable and encouraged. If anyone actually has too much free time and bribes me I will post contents of bike related packages for others to covet and oggle.
Join the C&V strava club and track your rides. Post here too for those that don't use strava.
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