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Hi, Yes the stem rise that I referred to is the angle . I would recommend that you measure (on your road bike) Because, it sounds like you like the reach on that bike. The distance from the saddle nose to the stem center. Now measure (on the Surly) the distance from the saddle nose to the stem center. Compare distances. The difference between the two is how much longer a stem will make it to your preferred reach. Calculating the stem angle that will work can likely be figured out as well. The model of bikes I have...I build Ravello frames, and have aluminum and steel ones plus a Windsor tourist. For me the magic number for me is 19.25 ", from seat to the stem center, but this is not about me. You need to know what your preferred reach is for you. I usually use about a 100mm stem. I would go crazy if I were to put 70mm stems on my bikes. Likely to feel like my hands were on my knees. I do definitely recommend that you ditch the 70 stem.
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