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Originally Posted by kevdun View Post
Sorry I don't have much experience with this, currently nothing, would I also need something to record the ride in addition to a power meter?
Most people in here have bought a Garmin or a similar kind of bike computer. That's why you aren't getting a lot of app recommendations. I'm sure there are lots of apps that can do what you want, I just don't know which ones.

Power meters are really useful for cyclists, but they take some work to use. It depends what you want to do with it, but for most things most people want to do, it's useful to record the details. I was doing 309 watts for 1 second, then 259, then 411. You use software to analyze the details and tell you what you want to know. If you don't have a record of what you did, it's harder to answer a lot of questions.
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