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container ships are stacked up like cord wood out in the ocean, lately i have had experiences where-by the items listed online are not actually in stock due to the supply chain logistics and the IP robot not being able to keep up with store inventory, . this can result in long delays, a substitute item being shipped where they hope you don't care like a 48 mm stem instead of 32 mm, or a month long wait because i did not need the item right away, and we realize the situation and are understanding but eventually we reach the boiling point so we send a message and get a "oh we are so sorry!" reply (trying to avoid neg feedback) and a refund.

this is a small town so sometimes i worry about running into the LBS guy on the trail and having him say "where did you buy that?"'

Sometimes i like to get stuff as soon as i think about it which means the LBS, and i also like having something to look forward to , like having some slave dropping off cardboard on the front porch. sometimes i will stack up orders so i get a package every day to the point where the mail man once said 'you are on a roll, what did you do, rob a bank?" its like Christmas every dang day around here. selfish excess, the American way. can you imagine scanning a sears-robuck catalog like our parents and sending a snail-mail order form along with a check? then waiting for a month, how spoiled are we with "buy it now" and "free shipping"

i knew a mountain biker who worked for FedEx, he would order everything "Overnight" . I asked him why, after all, that cost a small fortune, and you know what he says? he says "i know what a pain those overnight packages are and how they stress me out so i like to make someone else squirm like a toad, make some anonymous joe feel the pain, and plus that, i want my stuff now so i can ride it tomorrow!"

now lets see, how is out gatorskin inventory doing, only ten on the shelf, better order up...UPS Red.

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