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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
We have a double recumbent tandem built for Dutch people. At 5'10" I can 'just' reach the pedals with the 170's that are in the Captains spot. At 5'6" my wife can 'just' reach her pedals. There isn't any way to fix that. Theoretically my wife should be alright but she would like some shorter cranks. The rule is "the Stoker is always right" so I am duty bound to make it right for her. I'm pretty sure her cranks are 170's just like mine. Taking my own medicine, I am not going to swap a full out tandem crankset. I will find some crank shorteners. Happiness begins at 155mm. Go big, or go home. YMMV.
Several years ago I saw these when I was doing a search on their site for something, thought that these were really weird. Reading your post, I thought you might be interested, but they apparently only fit square taper.

Now the bad news, since Covid, their shipping fees have been a bit high.

If you are interested, you probably should e-mail them first with your brand and model of cranks so they can tell you if they should fit or not.
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