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Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1433:

Woke up this morning to discover the forecast had changed. It was originally supposed to rain today, so I had packed my panniers and was planning on taking the hybrid with fenders. Now it is supposed to be partly cloudy, but dry. I'm pretty lazy and don't like expending the extra energy to ride my hybrid if it's not necessary, so I transferred everything into my backpack and took the road bike.

Temp was a pleasant 58F with very little wind. I overdressed a bit, but other than that it was a pretty nice commute.

I was at my desk getting situated when our receptionist came over and said, "Hey, there's some light on your bike flashing." Oops. Left my front light on blink mode. Went out to turn it off and the battery died right when I was walking towards the bike. Well, I guess that was fortunate as now I could charge it. Had I not left it on it would have died during the ride home.

Stopped on the way to work to vote. I always wondered why they call voting "doing your civic duty," and then I saw the list of candidates...
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