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Originally Posted by SalemCycles View Post
I've found this such a fascinating difference! I've had a fixed for a long time (converted 70s 5 spd) and loved the simplicity and silence of the ride. I just saved a single speed custom built 90s MTB (Mandaric) from the dumpster and the free hub changes the feel far more than I would have anticipated. I'm either going to switch to fixed or throw a casette and derailleur on there as it's a strange and unpleasant middle ground!
My single speed riding started when I bent my Peugeot UO-8 dropout too many times trying to make a 28 tooth FW work. Got told tyo set it up fix gear my first season of racing as proper training. Did so. Crashed first ride tryig to coast asn was sold! Haven't ridden SS since.

Originally Posted by Mr Sir View Post
I used to ride a singlespeed due to derailleur frustration until I learned the frustration was not due to the derailleur but due to the indexed shifters. I believe the reason we saw a resurgence in singlespeed bicycles was due to the advent of indexed shifting, which can be so frustrating to deal with that you just wan't to tear it all off so you can ride.
I think derailleur gears are amazingly awesome, and I love super low gears (my lowest right now is 22x34 on one of my bikes) for when I am loaded up. Nothing better than just effortlessly spinning up a hill. Friction shifters simplify the whole process and make interchangebility much greater. Set the high and the low and your done. No finicky adjustments required. The derailleur is one of the greatest invention within cycling. But index shifters not!
Another no to index. Learned to DT shift in my sleep. The Mooney ran SunTour Command index on the HBs for a decade but it was never real love and less so when I moved form SunTour FWs that were gettng hard to find to Sedis/SRAM that didn't have quite the same cog spacing. In the '00s I started collecting bikes and set up all the geared ones DT, either the top-mounted SunTours that my knees don't hit or Power Ratchets. Just two geared bikes now, Ratchets and SunTour Superbe top-mounted, Happy camper.

And three fix gears, two of which are set up for rapid and big gear changes for mountain riding. The bike of my avatar with its 2" dropout slot and the Mooney with its triple chainline and 3 cogs. (Gotta honor my 60-something muscles and knees plus those 12 and 13 tooth cogs are fun downhill!)
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