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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
I'll be a dollar to a dime that:
1: Not one of those frames or components has ever been produced.
2: Everything was done in a CAD program.
3: No one will ride this in the Olympics.
4: This was a "cool" project that became a marketing tool.

The bike and website look like a design school final project.

Oh, and regarding the UCI approval. Anyone can submit designs to be approved by the UCI. They will gladly take your money and review your frames. This was also probably part of the marketing package, "Approved by the UCI!"

And even if it's real, there's nothing groundbreaking about any of it. Not sure why it should cost more than $1,500 USD (and that's being generous).
There's a post a bit higher up (#2600) from the bike being ridden at a World Cup. Looks like Awang will be riding the bike at the Olympics.
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