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Originally Posted by NoControl View Post

I prefer Itel quad-core or better. Buy once, cry once. I've had it with AMD.
AMD offer a solid platform for both CPU's and GPU's. In fact, the latest Ryzen CPU is by in large a much better solution for dollar per clock than Intel. Inevitably the difference of 10fps on average in most games is hardly worth the $100's more in expense. The RX480 and new Ryzen 1700 have proven this. The RX480 is a very capable and very affordable graphics card. What may I ask is the story leading up to your dislike for AMD?

Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
Get the best smoking hot nvidia card you can afford. Make sure its got a sh*t-ton of video ram on it.
Video ram isn't everything. It is the throughput. You can have 8GB of ram on a card with terrible throughput that is outperformed by a 4GB card with an efficient throughput.

Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
Get two (2), did I say two? Yes, TWO SSD drives and set them up raid. The last pc I built has two 1Tb SSDs, and man this thing flies.
The majority of RAID is software based. A true RAID setup is quite expensive. There is also redundancy to consider. If it is your only computer and you run a RAID 0 setup you increase your chances of losing everything in a catastrophic failure of either drive. An SSD is plenty fast by itself. The gains in a proper RAID setup are not that beneficial to a personal computer.

Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
I'm of the opinion that you cant go wrong with 32gb of RAM
What do you do that requires 32GB of RAM? I bet 75% of it is never used. 16 is plenty. Especially for a non intensive home computer. Heck, 8 is enough.

Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
Last but not least, get yourself a good chip and a really good cooler.
By chip I assume you mean CPU? In that case I'd research benchmarks in the software you use and choose one that gives you the best bang for your buck. That could be AMD or Intel. As for coolers the stock one is usually sufficient given good case airflow. In fact clean off the stock thermal compound and put some Arctic Silver 5 on there.
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