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Originally Posted by cubewheels View Post
Glad things worked out, thanks to you for giving a little push!

Here's an updated pic. Foamy saddle got ruined in the last ride so I restored the stock saddle. Modified the saddle for comfort, tore up the middle and removed all the foam in the middle and in the nose and then covered it up with high quality tape (looks, feels, and smells like electric tape but 3x wider and has stripes of black and yellow color)

I stuck a double adhesive tape on the back of the saddle and put some real dirt on it and then roughed the tape up so it looks damaged. Plus the black and yellow tape hopefully should make it look like it was fixed up ghetto - style. Ironically, it is modified ghetto-style, two birds in one stone I guess as I don't have to buy the right saddle for me anymore because the mod solved all my discomfort and numbing issues with the original saddle and also kinda made it looked badly damaged at the same time!

It looks excessively nosed down because I removed all the foam in the nose. It would actually be nosed up a bit if the foam is still there and I'm sitting on the saddle when the seat spring is compressed a little bit. Seat is placed a little far back so I don't go OTB when I brake hard. Lanes and turn signals don't exist in the streets of Manila in the same manner that jaywalkers are everywhere. I have to be able to brake hard at a moment's notice even without having to move back on my saddle so the bike's setup must be quite resistant to flipping if braking hard.

Most riders around here don't face the same problem because they ride slower but I'm out there to go home like a wet noodle to build strength and endurance!

Between the seat and the chain ring, that looks like the least tempting bike ever. Maybe you can make bike camouflage a side job.

When I was a teenager, I would sometimes ride my mom's Schwinn cruiser with 20 inch wheels and balloon tires. I'm a bit bigger than you, but I could really fly on that thing. I did it partly because I liked seeing people do double-takes when they saw it.
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