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Originally Posted by carpediemracing View Post
I watched the 2019 Masters stuff while I was on the trainer last night. Some of those 50-54 guys are really fast. 34.5s 500m.
I've noticed that, for at least sprint events, that the top master's performances match that of top Elite Women.

Originally Posted by carpediemracing View Post
One thing I noticed is that almost none of them used aero bars. They used drop bars instead. This was indoors, so front disc, and presumably less wind. I wonder if outdoors, with wind, maybe a multispoke front wheel?, if more racers would use aero bars.
lol I'm been preaching that for years. I'm glad to see people using narrow drops for the 500M with success.

I think the benefits of using narrow drops even extends to the 750M...and maybe even Kilo for some riders.
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