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I'm thinking this guy is in jail .... all the bikes in his sig are stolen ....

How do we "acknowledge" all the cars streaming by? Wave constantly? Then no one will know if we were waving at them or not. Point? That might scare people ... and do we have to point at every car in a line across an intersection? If not, does that increase the chances that one of the cars further back would hit us?

As for cars behind us .... Let's do some math. A car is closing at say, 45 mph while I am doing 15 mph. That's a 30 mph difference---44 feet per second. (If the speed differential is greater, this scenario becomes even more ridiculous.)

In five seconds the car covers 220 feet. However, at 220 feet depending on the road and traffic conditions I might barely be aware of the car. (Obviously it is different on a straight versus winding road, day versus night, only car versus steady traffic.) And at 220 feet, the driver notices me but likely is far more interested in other cars if there are any.

In the next five seconds the car has entered my sphere of awareness, closed the distance, and caught me. In the next second, the car is already well past.

When I notice the car approaching ... I wave? Why would the driver think i was waving Backwards? I swerve, like a pilot dipping the plane's wings? Yeah, that will inspire confidence in the approaching driver. What else?

As I hear the car coming, as a rule I will keep my hands on the bars and keep scanning ahead, because I have no idea how much room the car will give me, and if there is debris/bad pavement/the shoulder narrows I want to be ready. Trying to signal an approaching car is not a priority. Unless the car Fails to pass when it is safe, I generally just keep riding. If the car refuses to pass, I will signal it to pass.

Ask your friends how they "acknowledge" cars which some from nowhere to disappearing into the distance in six or seven seconds. Ask how to "acknowledge" every car in a line of seven or eight cars coming up behind. Then the discussion can proceed.

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