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Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy View Post
Sorry that I've been gone for a while, but I don't have reliable access to The Internet at home.

Here's a question for everyone here. In a couple of other forums that I'm a member of (I'm able to Facebook from my phone) there is a member who seems to think that we as cyclists "have" to "acknowledge" motorists within the first 5-seconds that we realize that they're behind us.

I think that doing so sends the message that the time and destination of the motorists is somehow more important than our time and destination. And I know of no other class of vehicle operator that is "required" to "acknowledge" traffic behind them.
I've never heard of this one. Is the Thread Starter meaning it the other way around, that within five seconds a motorist has to acknowledge a cyclist?

In many circumstances cyclists have the right of way, that's why I'm confused by this thread, as it seems to be implying that cyclists never do

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