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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Jim uses two mirrors while riding in greater Boston.

I use one mirror, either on my glasses or my helmet when on a bike, three mirrors when I drive a car, and no mirrors when I walk.

I won't put words in Jim's mouth, but to me mirrors are useful, not magical. They are a huge help with situational awareness. My inner voice sometimes sounds like a NASCAR spotter.

But I NEVER direct ("acknowledge") traffic while driving a car or riding a bicycle. I drive my car, they drive their car. I ride my bike, they drive their car.

I don't direct ("acknowledge") traffic while walking either. I walk my walk, they drive their car.

P.S. There are M*******s who are hostile the moment they open their car door and get in. NOTHING we do can change that fact. NOTHING.

-mr. bill
I agree, I too use a mirror on my helmet, I don't drive a car so I don't have to use any there, and I don't use any mirrors while walking, although every once in a while I do find my eye "drifting" to where my mirror would be if I were on my bike and wearing my helmet when I'm not on my bike.

Yes, I agree that while not being "magical" a mirror does help with situational awareness.

Exactly, although if we're on a road that is straight and has good sight lines, I'll wave a car by. Or if we're on a road that has a curve and I can see that the motorist behind me is about to attempt a pass I'll put out the slow/stop signal to get them to stay behind me.

I'll have to ask this particular individual IF they "acknowledge" motorists while walking.

I've tried to point that out to this particular individual, that there are people out there that no matter what we do, they're not going to be happy and harass us.
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