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Originally Posted by parkbrav View Post
I don't mean to put words in people's mouth, I know one cyclist (@Jim_from_Boston) on these boards attaches rear-view mirrors to his helmet, I suspect that may assist in his awareness of motorists behind him. I would be interested to know if he "acknowledges" them, I haven't heard him say anything to this effect, however.
Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Jim uses two mirrors while riding in greater Boston.

I use one mirror, either on my glasses or my helmet when on a bike, three mirrors when I drive a car, and no mirrors when I walk.

I won't put words in Jim's mouth, but to me mirrors are useful, not magical. They are a huge help with situational awareness. My inner voice sometimes sounds like a NASCAR spotter.
Thanks for the acknowledgement, fellow Bostonians. I have posted frequently about the drivers that pass me,either to curse or bless them (link), depending on the pass, but mostly ignore them.
Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy View Post
although if we're on a road that is straight and has good sight lines, I'll wave a car by. Or if we're on a road that has a curve and I can see that the motorist behind me is about to attempt a pass I'll put out the slow/stop signal to get them to stay behind me.
I don’t particularly acknowledge drivers behind me either, but monitor them with my mirrors. I recall posting that I don’t direct drivers to pass me, or hold up, but leave it up to them.

When I take the lane, I use a tactic of catch and release, i.e when about 20-30 feet behind, I shift right if possible and release the lane, with a wave of acknowledgement, kind of a “preemptory blessing.”

BTW, @Digital_Cowboy , one of the benefits I cite about wearing right and left hand mirrors, is that
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
...The additional right hand mirror affords a pretty good rearward view, but is particularly useful (including):
  1. Riding on the left-hand side of a one-way street
  2. Riding in the middle or left lanes of a two-way thoroughfare
  3. In a rotary
  4. On a curved road to the right...

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