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How am I supposed to "acknowledge" a motorist coming up behind me? Start a blog to thank each and every motorist who didn't kill me? Wave? Head-nod? What?

Times when I acknowledge motorists:
* a wave to someone I know.
* a wave and smile to any random motorist who waves.
* a wave and a smile to someone who honks their horn at me, yells at me, gestures rudely, etc.
* screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs when a motorist tries to kill me.
* waving someone by if they are on my ass for way too long where they could otherwise perform a safe pass, especially if traffic backing up behind them.
* a glance to the left/behind if my spidey-sense goes off that some motorist behind or beside me is about to do something stupid that would likely get me killed or injured.

There are also times when I wish I had an air horn to acknowledge some motorists...
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