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Originally Posted by mjac View Post
You now own the jacket so you know what it is like. You don't need someone to tell you about it. Take the sleeve, not the body, and rub th two layers together, that is exactly what the pant is like. The pant has the exact windproof and moisture/vapor permeability numbers as the jacket. I am certain it has the same waterproof numbers but I have not verified that with HH. There is a very accurate description of the pant on the HH website. Like the jacket, it is primarily a harsh weather winter pant. With this jacket and pant and proper layering, there is no recreational winter weather condition that you can not go into. Just like the jacket, it would be too hot for high activity summer use. But for just walking around, you could use it in the summer, even more so then the jacket. Very good pant, very durable. They make a great combination.
thanks for the detailed review will do like you said keep an eye out for the summer sales on them should be under a hundred dollars soon .No real need for them now starting to get warm my thin pants will work for now
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