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Originally Posted by rifraf View Post
Well it was still up this morning.
Earlier this evening I went for a spin of around 10km.
So far so good.
I won't be looking to get any air with this setup.
My riding style is fairly staid and sedate.
If its still up tomorrow morning then I'll likely do the rear wheel as well.
This year there has been an abundance of thorns locally where I am so I've found myself disinclined to ride and want to remedy that.
I hope the Stans will mitigate the punctures enough to get me back in the saddle and riding again.
I'll try to take your advice on taking it easy and avoiding big hits.
Many Km's later and a couple of tire replacements, I'm still riding my Velocity Dyad Ghetto tubeless setup and see no need as yet to update to tubeless rims/specific tires here in 2020
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