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Originally Posted by JohnJ80 View Post
I do agree that where you ride and the kinds of road hazards and debris you encounter is part of it and thatís probably most of the variance in ride reports on a given tire.

A couple of comments:

1. I did ride this Schwalbe G-1 Speeds set up tubeless in a 30mm tire down the rock garden that is the Rallervegen in Norway. I really should have been on a bigger tire or an MTB. Both my wife and I had it set up this way neither had a flat. I consider that an over stress situation for that tire but it was just fine.

2. Orange Seal makes a sealant that goes down to cold temperatures. I ride during the winter here in Minnesota on my fat bike and itís been fine. I will usually ride, depending on snow conditions, down as low as -5F/-21C. Many ride much colder than that even. So I donít have any concerns about sealant.

As always, if I did get a flat that the sealant or my Dynaplug plugger couldnít repair, there is always the option of throwing in a tube which is about as difficult as it would be on a tubed set up. So thereís a lot of upside and very little downside. Main downside is wheel cost if youíre not tubeless ready and investing the time to give it a try.
interesting points. Neat to see that sealant can work in cold, I kinda figured it must, knowing that most likely some winter riders use it. This is all new to me, so didnt know that.

re tires, because when I tour I nearly always have a fair amount of weight on bike, so 30, 40 or more lbs at times, I will still always go with a reasonably tough tire. The Supremes were really really impressive, especially given my Mexico and Central America trips, where although I was always careful watching for debris, I did ride through a crapload of glass and rough roads.

again, thanks for the insights and your experience. always interesting to read.
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