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I've yet to see or experience any benefit to riding tubeless, if anything its been less enjoyable. Last year I only ran with tubes, air pressure around 40psi rear, 35 front (I'm a big guy) and enjoyed one flat all year that showed up after I got home, traction was never a concern and the bike never felt bouncy.
Since converting to tubeless I've had the tires run almost flat on 3 rides now from wedging into rocks and breaking the seal to minor punctures that just didn't seem to want to seal. I still end up running 40/35, tried lower and it just felt squirmy and not like anything I'd trust in a corner. The rims are stan's and the tires can't be mounted without an air compressor so not that great. Some of the squirm might be due to the softer sidewalls of the tubeless compatible tires but the tire and a tube are lighter then the tubeless variety of the same time so no weight savings if I spent the money to switch. I also don't like to carry any real tubes with me so getting that valve off would be a pain.
At the end of the day I'm using it but the first real flat that the sealant can't fill will mean a tube installed and the end of this seemingly pointless experiment.
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