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Originally Posted by bampilot06 View Post
Nope. Never had any issues, I just noticed a couple years ago that when I was tired I would have trouble reading things at a distance. Never gave it much thought. In the last 6 months I have noticed that I have the same problem when I am not tired and the distance seems to be getting smaller. It only affects my reading. I can see a runway 30 miles out, see planes easily when were passing in the sky, its just letters.
Go to a store or pharmacy where they have those racks of cheap reading glasses and try some different ones. I started with 1.25 and eventually went up to 1.75 just to have around before I got my first prescription glasses.
I can use the 1.75s on the bike now even though they aren't strong enough for reading and my eyes are slightly different from each other. I use 'script glasses for driving and they work great for distance but not so great on the bike when I need to see the ground in front of me.
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