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Ready for an unnecessarily long post? I blame it on the fact that I never put a thread together showing the rebuild of the '76 Limited Touring. So if you're game, here goes...

I shared my Eisentraut to this thread before, but that was a couple of years ago, and it's recently been torn down and rebuilt since then. Quite a different bike really. A bit sportier. Noticably lighter. And more pleasing to my eye. Which all said and done, makes for an extraordinarily fun bike. More so than it was prior to the rebuild.

It's a franken build, but nothing is random, and I guess it's a compilation of little group sets. So there is some notable theme running through the build list.

One of the smartest upgrades this time around are the SR SP-11 pedals. Best fitting, most comfortable pedal for my feet that I've ever found. And they flip on command. I'm using them with Bruce Gordon clips, and couldn't be happier with the pairing. Super easy in and out. Solid. Secure.

The Rene Herse 32c extra light tires have also proved to be a big step up from Gravel Kings for the kind of riding I do. Their suppleness really compliments the frame's ride feel.

Last real noteworthy change was the "step down" from the proverbial Brooks B-17 to a San Marcos Rolls titanium. The weight savings is huge. No comfort lost. I actually like the feel better. And I don't worry about someone stealing off with it as much.

I went with half step plus granny gearing over the previous alpine set up. And I replaced Shimano Deerhead mechs for 1st gen Cyclone. Much snappier and lighter with the Suntour. Went with down tube levers this time in place of the barcons I previously installed. Superbe calipers and levers replaced Modolo units.

I've kept the Nuovo Record hubs and M-40 rims. But the Mavics are running thin along their brake tracks. I have a pair of Wolber Alpines which I'll lace the hubs to eventually.

Bottom bracket is a floating unit from White Industries. Gives me a good chainline but it's not the best design. Still hunting for a better substitute.

Campy Pista head set. 3ttt post, stem, and bars. Jim Blackburn rack in back, and Vetta up front. Jim Blackburn bottle cage, and Honjo fenders. Still need to dial in the perfect fender line and clip the struts at their mounting points, but I'm riding dry, which is good enough for now.

Yep, I think that about does it.

I plan on making a set of custom panniers and a saddle bag this winter in preparation for next spring's adventures.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying it as much as the weather will allow, which is not enough.


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