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Originally Posted by mackgoo View Post
Stay where you belong, on the side of the road and driving with traffic. You start doing what your suggesting and all You'll do is piss them off. That's the last thing you want to do.
ď where you belong, on the side of the road...Ē
This sounds like advice from a driver, not a cyclist. ď where I belong ď is where I am safe. Although I donít always use the FULL WIDTH of the lane I am entitled to in my state, I will absolutely take enough of it approaching a blind curve so that some idiot trying to pass me does not endanger their life or mine. Similarly, on roads not wide enough for two cars to pass safely while leaving me the space I am entitled to BY LAW, I will stay far enough off the edge of the road that the car that wants to pass me with oncoming traffic thinks twice. Once oncoming traffic has passed I get back over. Bike safety is about being smart and not letting cars dictate my safety. To the OP, you donít need a Varia; get a mirror. It greatly increases your safety margin.
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