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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
What's the rep of Zipp 950 disc wheels for track use?
I have a converted Zipp Predator (The original Zipp disc) which I got for free and a Zipp 950 I used till a few years ago on my TT bike with an 8 speed screw on cluster I'll convert shortly. The disc is now permanently bolted on the bike which is raced a couple of days a week and the disc has been rock solid. I have heard concerns of the glue holding the hub to the disk failing but mine looks fine and holds up to my skinny enduro leg sprints...

Easy enough to convert to a solid axle. Either modify a Wheels Manufacturing part no:Axle-34 9.5*180mm 24 tpi or get a metal shop to turn a custom axle. My custom axle is 158mm long threaded 44mm one side and 33mm the other. Threads are 24 tpi. Although probably unnecessary I had a sleave cut to sit on the axle inside the disc to fit the internal space between the bearings. Unfortunately I didn't get a spare cut so can't provide the exact dimensions of this.

Bearings are easy to come by. Any R6 3/8" x 7/8" x 9/32" inch will fit. You can decide if ceramic is worth the trouble.

Top custom axle, bottom Wheels Manufacturing. They are the same diameter even the photo looks like they aren't.

Looks bent but isn't...

Originally Posted by JMR View Post
Vittoria Corsa Evo CX's are good for both road and track (not sure about on board tracks, but certainly concrete tracks). JMR
I use Vittoria Corsa Evo CX's on concrete and timber. Longer lasting than the pistas and still roll nicely...
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