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Originally Posted by usheen View Post
Should I get a 7710 or 7700 BB? I cant find much on them with a quick google other than basic info. Is there noticeable difference between the two? Are there any good videos for how to install and service them?
BB-7700 is a needle bearing BB. Schematic. It must be serviced as regularly as any other non-sealed ball bearing system.

BB-7710 is the sealed version of the same BB. Schematic. You don't have to service it like you don the 7710. Basically "set it and forget it." The 7710 is Japanese NJS certified. The NJS Cert doesn't mean it's any better. It just means that it is legal for use in their league.

I've used both and I've found that the 7710 is simply easier to maintain. I don't think the small amount of decreased drag of the 7700 is worth having to remove it and service it.

In short, the difference is the same difference between any other Sealed vs Non-Sealed BB sytem on our bikes (wheel bearings, headset bearings, pedal bearings, etc...)

Both are pretty easy to install. You need that special tool in the schematic. You can get the tool from a good bike shop or Performance bike or REI. It's less than $10. Park makes one called the BBT-22


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