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A few were mentioned in the other thread:

- UCI countdown timer (especially if you were doing iPad, too-- you could put lights and a clock on it)
- pursuit schedule calculator that lets you put in time, start differential, and track length

plus some more:
- 3 line stopwatch with "tape" (ideally it would have two side by side or up/down so you could time the opposing rider, too, with a single start and separate split/stop buttons)
- gear calculator (there are a few good ones out there already though)
- interval timer that lets you program an interval set (time in zone x, time in zone y,...time in zone whatever, and reps per set, then gives you beeps in different tones to tell you when to change)
- list of tracks and their lengths, plus links to them (you'd probably want to pull this from a server regularly)
- bike setup information (e.g. spindle to saddle top, seatpost to bars, etc. for those times I end up visiting a track and renting a bike)
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